Welcome! Welkom!

We’ve created this website in order to share our stories from on the road.

Last year we left our jobs in London to pursue our travelling dreams and to see as much of the world as possible! We started by booking one way flights to Peru and since then have travelled around South and Central America.

Some of our favourite experiences so far have been visiting the amazing Easter Island, traversing the Amazon River by boat in hammocks, climbing Mount Roraima, and sailing through the San Blas Islands, to mention just a few!

We’ve also added an information tab where you can find some of our tips on packingon the road, accommodation, etc.

We recently bought a car in Panama and are now heading up to Mexico where we’ll be house sitting for four months before continuing our travels.

You can take a look at our route here

Hope you enjoy!

Lucy and Wout

12 Responses to Welcome! Welkom!

  1. Rach says:

    Hey guys,

    Just been taking a look at your blog and found some really useful and interesting information on here. I’m planning to visit South America at some point in the next year, so I’ll be checking out your blog regularly for tips :)


  2. My son walked from Georgia to Maine and from Mexico to Washington State. He just got back from a few weeks in California. We live in Richmond, Virginia. I was the only male teacher in a school for girls in Edinburgh, Scotland many years ago. My son came home early because of a mountain lion and stomach problems. He had to push the SOS button for the first time in 17 years of packpacking. Question: what does “yesmads” mean? I like it but I feel stupid for not knowing what it means. Help.

    • yesmads says:

      Hi there! Sounds like your son had a lucky escape! He’s done some amazing trips though! Yesmads is just a play on the word nomads.. we wanted something simple and easy to remember but also relevant, hopefully it does the trick!

  3. Pia Jensen says:

    So glad to meet Wout & Lucy in Esteli… great conversation. Love your open minds .. may see you in London, or elsewhere…, happy trails :) Pia

  4. Justin says:

    hi! love the blog, and the name rocks. I just started my own blog, http://www.truenomads.com and am trying to figure out how to put a map like yours on it. any suggestions? where does it come from?

    • yesmads says:

      Hi Justin,
      Thanks! The map is a WordPress plugin called WP Geo Big Map, it’s really easy to install but let us know if you need help.
      L & W

  5. Vicki and Pete says:

    Hello Lucy and Wout!

    Like the website – especially enjoyed the running commentary and photos of all the food you have eaten, keep it up!

    Vicki and Pete xxx

  6. piet en marlé says:

    hoi die jarige job gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.We zullen vanavond een borrel op je gezondheid drinken . Het is leuk om jullie zo te kunnen volgen groetjes Piet en Marlé

  7. Joris, Marleen, Casper and Tobias says:

    Woutje! Little Wooter!

    Congratulations with your birthday! (or is it allready the 29th in Ecuador?;-))
    A gift will follow when you’re back…

    Joris, Marleen, Casper en Tobias

  8. Julia Ireson says:

    Hi Juicy Lucy! You lucky things, I am very jealous!
    Looking forward to the next instalment, keep them coming!

    Loads of love,
    Julia x

  9. Jac en Paula says:

    Hoi Lucy en Wouter,

    Heerlijk om het avontuur te lezen en van jullie foto’s te genieten. Ga zo door. we voelen ons daardoor dicht bij jullie. Groetjes, liefs en xxx pa en ma.

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